• Reviewed by: rick.waldmiller  on: //2019
    Extremely disappointed and upset. I have been wanting to try your restaurant for quite a while now. Finally got the opportunity so my girlfriend and I headed in on a friday night, checked in with the hostess at 6:30. I said 2 for hibachi, she said "hibachi?", i confirmed yes, was told it would be about a 30 minute wait. Received the text that said our table was ready at 7:17. Went up to the host stand and gave my name, the brought us to a table on the dining side. i told the host that we had been waiting for hibachi, he said "well if i put you in line for hibachi now it will be like an hour and a half. you can still order hibachi here". I came to your establishment to enjoy the EXPERIENCE of hibachi, not just the food itself. if i wanted to just eat hibachi i would have just ordered take out. When we went to leave i told the host that sat us that he could give the table to the next person because we decided not to stay and he just said "ok" and walked away. I have worked in almost every area of the restaurant world, i have managed bot front and back of the house, and i have never witnessed such lack of interest in one's customers. If any of my employees had ever reacted like that to a situation where a customer's wishes were so blatantly ignored, they would have been let go or required to go back through training.
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